I'm a senior at UC Berkeley. I'm in the EECS program with a 3.96 GPA.

Currently Taking

Quantum Mechanics (Physics 137a)

Digital Signal processing (EE 123)

Computer Vision (CS 280)

Completed Coursework

Computer Security (CS 161)

Artificial Intelligence (CS 188)

Operating Systems (CS 162)

Algorithms (CS 170)

Machine Learning (CS 189)

Graphics (CS 184)

Signals and Systems (EE 120)

Microelectronic Circuits and Devices (EE 105)

Computer Architecture (CS 61C)

Crystallography and Bonding (MSE 102)

Real Analysis (Math 104)

Probability and Random Processes (EE 126)

Time Series (Stats 153)


Google AI

Software Engineering Intern

Mountain View, CA

Summer 2018 - Fall 2018

  • Developed core Face Authentication technology for next generation of Google products
  • Used CycleGan to create mapping from color to infrared facial images.
  • Researched VAE methods to disentangle underlying features of a facial image and modify them independently via latent space.

Berkeley, CA

Spring 2018 - Fall 2018

  • Taught six discussion sections topics spanning RLC circuits, control theory, DTFT, PCA, and SVD
  • Created all homeworks and discussion worksheets for the Fall 2018 semester, working closely with Professors Elad Alon and Michael Lustig

Google - Counter Abuse Technologies

Software Engineering Intern

Sunnyvale, CA

Summer 2017

  • Worked with Gmail spam team eliminate new class of phishing attacks using deep neural networks.
  • Improved feature extraction infrastructure to reduce overhead of adding simple features derived from other features
  • Set up lasting cross-location collaboration between Gmail Spam team and other Google research teams

Berkeley, CA

Fall 2016 - Fall 2017

  • Lab assisted for three lab sections (~50 students per section) in Fall 2016
  • Promoted to instructional lead, taught two sections in 2017
  • Taught concepts in circuits, linear algebra, and signals through labs in imaging, touchscreen, and locationing modules
  • Taught review sessions and made exam questions


Cloud and Mobile Engineering Intern

San Mateo, CA

Summer 2016

  • Designed and implemented data tracking infrastructure for mobile apps
    • Created highly scalable, low-maintenance, and easily deployable API on AWS to format data for Splunk
    • Optimized iOS and Android API clients using API’s high functionality to save user battery life
  • Built Flask web portal for partners to access app builds and SDK’s

Garcia MRSEC


Stony Brook, NY

Summers 2014, 2015

  • Utilized graphene to anchor platinum nanoparticles on fuel cells to increase catalyst efficiency (2015).
  • Collected viscosity vs. time data of hydrogel while cross-linking and created model for viscosity as a function of time and concentrations of reagents (2014).
    • Allows for fine-tuning of gel mechanical properties to mimic hardness of various body parts.
  • Acted as mentor and counselor to high school researchers
    • Voted Best REU by high school students.














Awards and Honors